About Me

I am a twenty-something marketing professional and freelance writer in Minneapolis, Minn. The Myers-Briggs personality assessment defines me as an INJF, which predisposes me to see the world through the lens of hidden meanings and possibilities. And I do.

As a lifelong resident of the Twin Cities, I love experiencing everything the Land of 10,000 Lakes has to offer. I am a loyal Minnesota Twins season-ticket holder and coffee fanatic, as well as a proud University of St. Thomas alumna. In my free time, I volunteer as a grief group facilitator and student mentor.

What drives me?

I have an inherent drive to produce quality, meaningful writing, whether it’s for a large organization, a small non-profit or a dating blog. I’m motivated by a love for words, a true passion for life and an overall amazement of people.

Random Fact

I eat the same thing for lunch every day. Yes, every day.

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